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Oakland Cemetery and Atlanta


Oakland Cemetery is a beautiful deathstination (thank you Caitlin Doughty for that word). Not only are there unique headstones and beautiful landscaping on a lot of ground, but there is a gift shop. Why don't all cemeteries have gift shops? Do they not know how much money I would spend at each and every one? This time I purchased Ghost Cats of the South (the only thing that would scream "me" more would have to be Cooking with Ghost Parisian Cats of the South) and one of Patricia Mitchell's little books (Specialties from the Southern Garden).  I seem to find them at forts, national parks, or tiny bookstores like this one. I can never resist buying one. We arrived to Oakland Cemetery in the morning and at the beginning it was warm and sunny in a nice way. Then it got hot and sunny and we were in an area with not a lot of shade, so we got the heck out of there. After a disappointing lunch at Amelies, we enjoyed ourselves at the much-shaded Atlanta Botanical Gardens and finished the day with Bojangles and Doctor Strange.
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