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Wednesday Whimsy #13


Bonjour Mercredi et bonjour mes amis. I hope you will enjoy the fun French links I have for you this week.

Book  This week I'm making two recipes from the French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier. I've had it for a few years but have only made one or two things from it. This week that will change! I am attempting the butternut squash and celery root soup and Corsican turnovers with winter squash. This will also be my first time(s) cooking with butternut squash.

Links  Here are several French-girl winter beauty tips as we inch our way closer to the next season.
A great review of one of my favorite French reads.
7 French brands for Fall clothes shopping.

Social  I have reeeally been enjoying the Everyday Parisian site. Rebecca has a beautiful photography business and has the absolute best Francophile posts on her blog. Her holiday ones have been especially exciting and getting me into the spirit. Find her on Instagram also.


New York City


New York City is unlike any place I've ever been. Leading up to the trip, Joe kept telling me how surreal it would be to see it in person after seeing it in movies and on t.v. my whole life and I didn't really get what he meant until I was there. Sure, I've been to Paris several times and I get that heart-stopping feeling every time I see the Eiffel Tower, but that feels like a part of me and I definitely feel separate from New York. I'm glad I went and it was amazing to see certain things: the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 memorial, Times Square ( TRL signs!), and Little Italy; and I snuck in as many French things that the two days we were there would allow (Sezane, Laduree, Albertine), but my take-away is how do people live here? And how do they physically breathe? It is packedpackedpacked with buildings and people and trash and noise and none of it ever stops or goes away. Thanks, New York City, but no thanks.