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Florida 2016


Oh, Florida. This is the last of the posts for this trip and it makes me feel like I need to go back. I love the sunshine, water, the incredible views of both, St. Augustine, old graveyards, Spanish moss, alligators, Disney, the food (Maple Street Biscuit Co and Harry's...omg), the family. It just feels like home to me and I've missed it since we moved away when I was 10. Kayaking the canal behind my parent's house was the most fun doing a physically active thing ever (despite Joe doing all the paddling...) but I was terrified of an alligator attack the whole time. Next time I'll bring a spear or something to feel a little better.

I also posted about Key West and the Ernest Hemingway Home.

Kennedy Space Center


We almost didn't stop here because of the outrageous cost to get in but I'm so glad we did. We were able to save a few bucks by buying tickets at the hotel we stayed at the night before and you definitely need an entire day to see everything. Two pictures up from the bottom is a space shuttle launch pad and the fence around it is curved outward because alligators can climb chain link fences. I did not know this. One picture up from the bottom is the tallest one-story building in the world! It is much larger than it looks in the photo. It was really cool to see the space shuttle Atlantis; it's much smaller than I would have imagined. There are exhibits to see, imax movies, a flight take-off simulator, a bus tour of the complex, a rocket garden, and more we didn't even get to. If you're in the area this is a must-see!