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Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger


Romancing the Inventor is a novella involving one of my very favorite parasol protectorate/parasolverse characters: Madame Lefoux! In it you will find an almost-200 page dose of my favorite author and all the wit and humor that comes along with her books. I truly adore each one of them. 

The book takes place post-Parasol Protectorate when Genevieve is serving her indenture with Countess Nadasdy. Imogene accepts a position in the hive house as a parlourmaid. There is an obvious attraction between the two but Madame Lefoux has to get over her last love before they can get anywhere. 

This definitely has some sexy scenes and what I love about them is they don't get too detailed. There's enough to know what's going on and what body part they may be using, but each detailed description is not shared with the reader. Some things are best kept private :-) If you're a fan of the parasol verse books, I highly recommend the novellas that have been released to go along with them.

5/5 stars

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