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A Million Junes by Emily Henry


A Million Junes is one of the best books I've ever read. It was as unique as you can't imagine and features romantic, family, and platonic love. It is about processing your family history and your personal future. It is about figuring out what you want from life and deciding how to live it. It is about making the best and hardest decisions rather than the easy ones. If you like magical realism and feeling things when you read books, this one's for you.

I received this book via Book of the Month. If you're interested in joining, use my referral code here.

5/5 Stars

Flame in the Dark (Soulwood #3) by Faith Hunter


I liked a lot of things about Flame in the Dark. The main story arc is good, always moves forward, and captures your attention. I have two main issues with this book: there's a lot of rambling in the middle of narration and big problems aren't addressed in a timely manner. I've noticed both of these issues is the more recent Faith Hunter books, both this and the Jane Yellowrock series. I think I got hooked on the latter before she started doing these things and now I can't stop reading them even though the frustrate me.

An example of the rambling:
Person 1: What do you want for dinner?
[Several pages of narration that is somehow an offshoot of eating dinner or going to dinner or what they're doing before or after dinner]
Person 2: Tacos.

By the time we get to the "tacos" part I am so confused because I don't even remember that there was a question to begin with. I really hope this is something that the writer and editor notice and work on, because these books could be so much better without the rambling. Not that it's bad information that we're getting, but it would be better to do it not between dialogue.

As for big problems taking a while to be addressed or resolved, this is also an issue in both series. It would be like every time you turn your head to the left your nose bleeds. You turn your head and think, "oh, I should get this looked at." But do that 50 times and you see what I mean. The character doesn't seem to think the nosebleeds are that urgent but it is clearly something that needs addressing and we don't know why they're happening in the first place.

If you're interested in either of these books, I HIGHLY recommend the audiobook versions. Khristine Hvam is a gift to the audiobook community.

3/5 Stars

Read my review for the first and second books in this series..

A Treacherous Curse by Deanna Raybourn (Early Review)


I really love this series. It might be my second favorite of all time (the top spot goes to the Parasol Protectorate series (also at the time of posting this the entire series in Kindle format is $16.99- a STEAL), of course). This is the third book in the Veronica Speedwell Mysteries and I seem to love each book more and more. I laughed all through this book and kept a running list of new sophisticated Victorian words to learn.

As you might suspect from the series title, these are mystery books. More specifically- murder mysteries. Or missing persons. Either way, they're great! Veronica is a Lepidopterist (butterfly scientist) and likes to travel and wear pants. Her counterpart, Stoker, is a curmudgeony fellow and they work together cataloguing the collection of butterflies/taxidermy/art/etc of a gentleman with a title. In this book, Veronica and Stoker investigate the disappearance of his ex-wife's husband, which may be linked to an Egyptian curse. We learn more about his back story in regards to that and we just might find out more about the future of Veronica and Stoker. The last two words of the book absolutely killed me (disclaimer: I read an ARC and the ending could be different in the final version).

Here's my review for the first and second books in this series. A Treacherous Curse will be out on January 16, 2018. I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

5/5 Stars



Like the rest of New England, Boston really surprised me. It is such a beautiful, clean, walkable city. We only had one day there but I feel like we really did as much as we possibly could. I barely made it back to the apartment because we had walked so much. Highlights include: dinner at Mamma Maria, walking the Freedom Trail, the Granary Burying Ground, visiting the USS Constitution, and walking along Newbury Street. Thankfully Joe likes Boston and New England as well so we will be back. We don't have any definite plans set for travel in 2018, but there will almost definitely be trips to Florida and North Carolina. Other possibilities include Belize, Japan, and, of course, Paris.

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