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Garden Spells and First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen


Garden Spells

Garden Spells is a magical story about a small town in North Carolina. Sydney is back after 10 years of being away. She surprises her sister, Claire, not only by returning to get back on her feet but by also bringing her daughter, Bay. Claire still lives in the Waverly family house, keeps to herself, and works magic in the kitchen, literally. Evanelle is overwhelmed with desires to give items to people that they will somehow need in the future. Bed sheets, a lighter, two quarters, and a mango slicer are all fun things she hands out over the course of the book. This is a cozy and fun story about everyone learning to be comfortable with their true selves.

4/5 Stars

First Frost

Garden Spells and First Frost are almost the type of books I look for when I search out witchy books; I'm as into the spell part but all of the other earthy things. Like Garden Spells, First Frost is quietly magical and about people growing into themselves. It takes place 10 years after Garden Spells, with the story focusing on Sydney's daughter. Claire's daughter hasn't achieved full Waverly status yet so she doesn't have a huge part. I really enjoyed this book; it makes me want to get into the kitchen!

4/5 Stars
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