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Planetfall by Emma Newman


Planetfall interesting book. I was hooked early on with the unique setting: men and women from earth have inhabited another planet for about 20 years and they have a "zero footprint" way of living. Everything is recycled and their houses are actually living things.

There's a turn when the son of a lost founding member shows up at their colony. The story changes completely from there. One thing that was kind of aggravating but kept me reading is that you only get answers slowly and gradually. Instead of saying that someone is dead, we read that they're not coming back, then they can't come back, then they're dead, and it takes the remainder of the book to find out what happened and the mystery surrounding said person. The ending is pretty ridiculous and it feels like the author didn't know how to wrap the story up so she made up an ambiguous ending.

2/5 Stars

I was given an ARC of this book from Ace Roc in exchange for an honest review.
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