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Benjamin Dewey's The Tragedy Series


This is something I walked into Emerald City Comicon knowing nothing about and coming out a GIGANTIC fan. I had already been reading The Autumnlands comic (in which Dewey is the artist) so I was excited to visit his booth and get issue 3, the one that got me into reading it, signed. I was telling him how new I was to comics and that the artwork is what attracted me to The Autumnlands, when he pulled out two small teaser volumes of The Tragedy Series to give me. AWW. He and his wife were amazingly nice and friendly and I loved the volumes so much that I ended up buying the hardback of The Tragedy Series (originally a thing on Tumblr) and I Was the Cat, a book he has out with writer Paul Tobin.

The Tragedy Series is written and illustrated by Benjamin Dewey and I just cannot deal with how perfect his animals are. They have such emotion in their faces and posture while being simplistically detailed, if that makes any sense at all. Below, I have included a minuscule sample of my favorites:


This is me to a T.

The little bear bodies and faces. /sob.

If you like his work, PLEASE check out The Autumnlands. The first trade just came out and IS FIVE EIGHTY EIGHT on Amazon right now which is a crying shame. So buy 10 copies and force them upon anyone you know. And be sure you read through twice; once as you would and the second time to look at the detail in the art. If you think these guys are cute, wait until you see mama cat and baby cat on the very last page of the trade.

5/5 Stars

Fluency by Jennifer Foehner Wells


On the heels of reading/listening to the Paradox trilogy, I was in the mood for more spacey books. Space and French memoirs- that’s been my reading life lately!

Dr. Jane Holloway, a linguist and someone who learning new languages comes unusually easy, was recruited by NASA to make a trip to an alien spaceship to make contact. What happened on the ship wasn’t in any of their “what if” scenarios.

When they arrive, they find that the ship’s crew is long died off and the only remaining living thing is Ei'Brai, essentially the being who controls the ship. He doesn’t have a body (that moves around the ship anyway), but communicates through Jane. He is able to access her mind because of the same unique quality that allows her to learn languages so easily.

Jane has a hard time convincing her travel companions that Ei'Brai exists, and while they're trying to work out how to handle the situation theyre in, they discover a threat: a kind of space slug with extremely poisonous excretions.

What I disliked most about this book is that Ei'Brai gives Jane a series of “tests” to determine if she’s right for a certain position on the ship, and they tests are theoretical situations playing out in her mind that she doesn’t know aren’t real until after (neither do we). So I’d get caught up in this thing that is going on, only for him to say later, “JK! I was testing you...” I didn’t like the amount of those situations in the book.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the story. Everything about it sure is unique and I find that is a rare quality to have in entertainment these days. This is the first book in a series and I look forward to reading more.

3/5 Stars.

" A Lot Can Happen In A Year"

There have been big changes around here! I originally started to slack with my posts here while I was interning for Urban Craft Uprising, the best and most awesome craft show that just so happens to be in Seattle. My primary duty was to post vendor and author interviews on their blog and facilitate giveaways. The closer to the show we got, the busier I was. Then, I worked 29 hours over three days while the show was going in (in addition to 40 hours at my regular job!). It was awesome and fun but lots of hard work.

Assistant 1

I also shot my sister-in-law's wedding. It was a blast and while I wouldn't want to be a wedding photographer for a living, I would consider doing the odd wedding here and there for those who are looking to pay practically nothing for some pictures.

I've also been reading books and listening to audio books like it's my job. Thankfully, even thought I haven't been posting, I have still been reviewing books and taking pictures so I can jump right back in.

I started a Ladies Comic Book Club and we just had our second meeting. Five people came to the first meeting, eight to the second, and I am really proud of and happy with myself for getting something like this together. I had a need (people to talk about comics with) and I made it happen. And I want to do more... any artists starting out looking for collaboration with a writer? :-) Or any other book or comic related things? Podcasts? Guest posts? Reviews? Meow?

Assistant 2

Writing I have been! Okay, I was tired of starting the previous three paragraphs with "I" so I changed it up a bit. I listened to The Handmaid's Tale then Red Rising and they are both really powerful, motivating books that made me feel the things. Books, in addition to.... GETTING A NEW JOB, have led me to bake, write, and generally be in a great mood. That's right! After three years of being absolutely miserable I no longer have to deal with the things that made me so. I am forever leaving the world of insurance behind and entering into the medical world where I will be in an office mostly by myself all day. This makes me very happy.

Currently listening to: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
Currently Reading: October Faction, Volume 1 and Julia Child, My Life in France (dear god this is torture but I am determined to finish it.)

Oh, and for the title? I bought a new calendar today and while going through my old one I found that I had written this quote at the beginning of this year. I had no idea...

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

My snazzy new kindle...the only good thing to come from the joke that was "Prime Day."

I just finished the audio book for Red Rising and… I don’t really know where to start or what to say.

Honestly, it was a slow start for me. Where the main character, Darrow, is from, is not a pretty or pleasant place and was hard to hear so much about it. Once things picked up a bit, I was totally hooked.

So Darrow lives in this horrible place that is actually beneath the surface of a planet. He and his people live and work believing that they are making Mars habitable for the people of Earth to save humanity. Shit happens, and Darrow finds himself on the surface of the planet, ready to infiltrate the ridiculous caste system as one of the top, a Gold. He attends an elite school that weeds the leaders of the world out from the rest. What it is really like is Hunger Games for the rich.

This book is long; the audio book is over 16 hours. I am happy to say that not a word is wasted; this is such an amazingly epic story and world. There's so much to the story that I can't mention because SPOILERS but it is really very intense. The journey that Darrow has set out on is a brutal one, and I am interested to see how he handles becoming one of and living with the people that he hates more than anything else.

I'm off to listen to Morning Sun next!

5/5 Stars