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Seven Letters from Paris


I have been obsessed with French and Parisian things for almost as long as I can remember and it has only gotten more intense as the years have gone by. Amy Thomas’s Paris, My Sweet started me on the Parisian memoirs and I have been reading or listening to any that I can get my hands on for the past year. I think Seven Letters from Paris has been my favorite so far, probably because it starts out really really sad then just gets happier and happier and happier until you feel like you’re going to burst and then you get sad again because how can you possibly read anything better than a perfect French love story like this one?

In the beginning of Seven Letters from Paris, Samantha realizes that her marriage is over and that she needs to find the courage to end it. To attempt to get her mind off things, Sam’s best friend Tracey suggests she start a blog based on seven letters she received from a Frenchman after visiting Paris 20 years earlier. This leads to Sam reaching out to Jean-Luc, becoming friends again, and, well, read it and find out! Even just for the seven letters alone it is worth buying.

This book is full of hilarious French language mishaps (asshole for dinner, anyone?), adventure, loss, and overflowing with love of all kinds that makes me want to fly to the south of France to give Sam and her family big hugs all around. Buy it, borrow it, just make sure you read this book! 

100/5 stars.
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