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Year of Wonder by Geraldine Brooks


Around page 40, I was so not into this book. I hate to quit reading a book without finishing it, so I told myself that I would read to page 100 and if I still didn't like it I could stop. A few pages after I made this resolution the book started to pick up. While it is not an extremely exciting read, I finished the book and enjoyed it. My main issue with this book is that it is difficult for me to follow with clarity and paint a clear picture of what is going on. Thankfully this didn't happen all of the time, only in certain parts.

Year of Wonder follows a woman named Anna Frith in the year 1666 while she and the other inhabitants in their village cope with an epidemic of the black plague. We read through sickness, love, witchcraft, and faith throughout Anna's journey. Whole families, and sometimes whole towns, are lost during this hard time in England.

Upon finishing this book, I found myself enjoying the story and being very happy with the ending. It was a faithfully slow read until the end, when most of the action and excitement happened. The epilogue was the type that wrapped the story up completely and left you with no wonder about how Anna will fare going forward.

3/5 Stars
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