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Outcast Volume 1


Outcast follows a guy named Kyle who is battling/coming out of a deep depression. In this story, people are randomly possessed by demons that cause them to commit violent acts. A priest has been exorcising them with difficulty and when he meets up with Kyle (they knew each other several years prior) they discover that Kyle's touch irritates the demons. They discover that if he touches them long enough, the demons will leave the bodies they are possessing. This possession has happened to Kyle's mother and his ex-wife; he thinks whatever is happening to these people is following or seeking him out somehow. Most of the demons seem to recognize him and they call him out of the "outcast."

This volume is just issues 1-6 and it is written so well and so completely; it is a perfect story arc. I didn't discover until after I finished that it was written by the same guy who created The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman). I have only read a little of The Walking Dead comic but I do watch the show and I definitely see some similarities in how the stories are presented. Kirkman seems to give you just enough information to keep the hunger for more story at bay but not enough that he just dumps all of the secrets in your lap. I will definitely be keeping up with this comic!

5/5 Stars

I received a copy of Outcast through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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