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Emerald City Comicon 2015


Purrlock & Catleesi prints by Jenny Parks. I Was the Cat & Tragedy Series issues by Benjamin Dewey.

On Friday, before I met up with (other) Jessica, I bee-lined it to the Boom!Studios booth to pick up a copy of the Lumberjanes TP that I have been so eager to read. Once I met Jessica outside and reentered, we stopped by the Karen Hallion booth that was exactly at the beginning and we picked up some prints (me, Belle with the Tardis). I went to Kurtis Wiebe’s table to get my Rat Queens trade signed and he magically knew my name from Twitter (!!). I stopped by the Shutter tables to get my Shutter trade signed by Leila and Joe. We wandered around Artist Alley before her 1:15 photo op with Grant Imahara. I waited in line with her for that and then we went to the Comixology panel “Comics: Where to Begin?” It was okay, I had already heard of most of the comics mentioned. At 3:30 we went to the “Image Comics Presents: Art!” panel with Benjamin Dewey (Autumnlands) and Leila Del Duca (Shutter), among others, and it was so, so awesome and inspiring. The coolest thing I brought away from that panel is that often an artist’s “weakness” is actually their style. Neat to think about. At 4pm was our photo op with Alex Kingston. She is absolutely magical. I said, “You are so wonderful!” and she replied with, “Oh darling, you are!” DARLING. GAH. I creeped the Image booth and picked up the Sheltered trade and called it a day.

The best cosplay of the whole show.

Saturday was a solo day for me and I made it to the convention center in time to go to the "Image Comics Presents: Your New Favorite Comics" panel with (notably) Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals) and Kurtis Wiebe (Rat Queens). It was hilarious and awesome and I heard a lot of good ideas and things in general from those on the panel (others were Greg Rucka, Frank Barbiere, Kieron Gillen, Brandon Graham, Joshua Williamson, and Rick Remender). I combed through Artist Alley and came upon Benjamin Dewey’s booth. He is ridiculously nice and I when I told him about how much I like his illustrations, I am new to comics, and how the cover of Autumnlands issue 3 drew me to that comic, he said, “Well since you’re new to comics, take these!” and handed me volumes one and two of his Tragedy Series. I liked them so much I went back the next day to buy the full Tragedy Series book. I also bought “I Was the Cat.” The Rat Queens panel at 3:30 with Kurtis Wiebe was awesome and I’m glad he mentioned the issue of parting ways with the original artist and getting a new one. While I still love the comic, I feel that it is lacking in not having the original artist. Throughout the day I kept checking the Matt Fraction line to get Sex Criminals Vol 2 signed by him and Chip and I kept getting turned away due to the line always being full. Finally at the end of the day I just stood there until room in the line opened up and made it through! Matt was really nice and thanked me for waiting in such a long line. I bought the Catleesi and Purrlock prints from Jenny Parks that I have been pining over since last year at ECCC and a murlock Funko from the Game Stop booth ^.^

The best!

I stood in one heck of a line for this.

Sunday…. I was pretty done by Sunday but was glad to have the opportunity to go back and get Benjamin Dewey’s Tragedy Series and I haaaad to go because I prepaid for a Firefly photo op with Gina Torres and Jewel Staite. They were both reeally nice. I also happened upon the “Overcast with a Chance of Doom” comic and can’t wait to dig into it. Gently. On Sunday I was joined by my dear friend Amanda. It was so fun to share this world of comics with her and I think I may be converting her over, buahahah.

with Alex Kingston!
With Gina Torres & Jewel Staite.

ECCC in 2016 is going to be four days. I am thinking I will try to go Thursday and Friday because this year Friday seemed to be the least busy. I picked up a few fun things for a giveaway so keep an eye out for that within the next few days!

Ms. Marvel Graphic Novel


This is the first Marvel-esque thing that I have read (technically I read an Anita Blake graphic novel put out by Marvel, but I'm talking super heroes, etc.) and I really enjoyed it. This story is about Kamala, a girl who comes from a Pakistani family living in Jersey City. Kamala is in high school and she is struggling to fit in with her peers and keep the values that her family believes in. One night, she sneaks out to a big party but ends up leaving after being there a short time because people were giving her a hard time for sneaking out and not drinking alcohol. As she is leaving, a weird fog takes over the city and she meets three super heroes: Captain American, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel asks Kamala who she wants to be and she ends up with super powers at the end of their meeting. The rest of the novel is Kamala dealing with her extra abilities in a world where no one else has them and what to share vs. what to hide.

I really enjoyed this story; it is relatable in that who doesn't think that if they just had _____ their problems would go away? I look forward to the second volume coming out in April 2015!

4/5 Stars

New Orleans Day 4

On our last morning we woke up early to make it to Cafe du Monde before our 9:30 tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1. The beignets are not overrated!! We signed up for the Free Tours By Foot tour of the Cemetery; because of the vandalism, as of March 1, 2015 everyone visiting has to be with a tour group. Most of them are charging $20, which is a bit much, but this tour just charges $2 for the reservation then you pay what you can/want if you liked the tour. We had Kathy and she was very thorough, we learned more on this tour than any others! I highly recommend her and the tour company. After the tour we went to Coop's Place for lunch; this place is AMAZING. I had the 2 piece fried chicken with rabbit jambalaya and cole slaw. So goooood. After Coop's we toured the Ursuline Convent. It was neat but more like a museum then getting to see how they lived. On our way to the airport we tracked down a weeping angel statue (also spotted on pinterest) at the Matairie Cemetery. It was a great last day to a super fun trip!

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New Orleans Day 3

Once we realized that New Orleans isn't that far from the Mississippi border and since we had a rental car the whole time, we decided to go if we could find something to do. You know, checking off another state and all that. I found Stennis Space Center (NASA-yowza!) and the Infinity Science Center, the latter giving free tours to the space center. We woke up early, hit District Donuts for breakfast, then headed over the border. The tour of Stennis Space Center was pretty cool. That location does testing on engines for space shuttles and those testing devices were massive. It was raining or drizzling but we were still able to see most things plus we saw a deer off the road. After poking around the underwhelming science center we drove to the Logtown Cemetery just down the road. It was neat, we saw some wild boars in the woods, and at the end of the dirt road it was on was a really pretty turn-around at Pearl River. I didn't realize it at the time, but on the other side of the river was Louisiana!

On our way back from our Mississippi adventures, we drove over the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge. We went out of our way because it is the world's longest bridge over a body of water. Pretty neat! After we made it back to New Orleans, we went to City Park to track down a bridge we found on Pinterest, with success. It was really pretty there and we figure we could have spent most of a whole day at that park. We puttered around Target (to escape the humidity) a bit then went home and got Dreamy Weenies delivered because rain. We watched Knights of Badassdom (GREAT movie-watch it!!!) and shortly after that our power went out for about an hour. So exciting.

Buoys just brought in from gathering data in the ocean.

engine tester

The Pinterest bridge.