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Sex Criminals Vol. 1


I love unique story lines! In this comic, Suzie discovers that after sexy times (alone or with someone else) she enters "The Quiet," where time stops for everyone around but her. This allows her to get away with pretty much anything. When she first discovered the ability, she mostly used it to yell and scream when she needed to let some anger go.

Later on she meets Jon, a one-night-stand turned boyfriend, who also has the ability to enter The Quiet, though he calls it something totally different (read it and find out!). They hatch a plan to rob a bank to save the library Suzie works for and they end up discovering even more people with their unique ability. The people they meet end up being enforcers for The Quiet so people who don't have the ability don't find out about it.

Sex Criminals is a really fun read. Sure, the material is questionable to some people but I think if that doesn't bother you then you will find that it is done in a tastefully and hilarious way. Chip Zdarsky has done an amazing job as the artist- it is definitely one of the most colorful (ha, with writing and art) graphic novels I have read.

5/5 Stars
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