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Paris Snapshots


Can there be too many pictures of Paris? No, I don't think so. I hope you're enjoying these travel posts as much as I have been! View more on Paris here.

London Snapshots

A few more pictures from my trip to the motherland... 

In the Underground
Crowns everywhere at Windsor

At the Sherlock Holmes Museum

On the Eye before my trip to the hospital

Picadilly Circus

Victoria Tower in the background

Westminster Abbey
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Wallace Falls Hike

Yesterday Joe and I went with friends of ours on a hike to Wallace Falls. I spend every second of every day living and working within the city of Seattle, but when I do get out into nature it feels like my soul exhales. We need to make an effort to get out more.

I absolutely love how mossy the forests are in Washington state. After the hike (about 4 miles total) we went to Blazing Onion, a realllly good local burger place. It was probably the best burger I have ever had, though I just recently started to eat them again.