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ECCC 2014

My first comic con. Certainly not my last. What got me excited was an appearance by Cary Elwes, who plays Robin in Robin Hood Men in Tights, one of my most favorite movies of all time. Unfortunately he dropped out a few days before the show and that made me extremely sad, but life goes on.

We kicked off the weekend of Emerald City Comic Con on Friday with a Q&A with Alan Tudyk, who plays Wash in Firefly, and a viewing of the movie Serenity. It was amazing. We were in the third row which was great for the q&a and not so great for the movie on the huuuuge screen Cinerama has.

Mostly Saturday was me getting bailed on yet having a great time by myself. Just kidding, getting bailed on wasn't the whole part. It started with Joe wanting to sleep in instead of being there when it opened, so I met up with two friends without him. We walked around for a bit, taking it all in, and Joe came few hours in. Shortly after he came down, the other two ladies decided they had had enough and were going home. Shortly after that and lunch, Joe left also. Fine with me, it's easier to spend money that way! ;-)

I had such a good time just looking. I found a few great artists I had never heard of, bought a shirt and tote bag (that came with a free book! I'll always take a free book!), a notebook, and pins with kitty Sherlock and Watson. I die.

Next year I would definitely like to do the three day pass. I'll be able to spend a day browsing, a day checking out panels, and another day people watching. We live within walking distance of the convention center so I do not have the burden of finding a hotel room or a parking spot.

Already dreaming/saving for next year!
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