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Lake View Cemetery 3.23.14


It turns out that a sunshiny spring day is not ideal for cemetery visits. It made me miss when I took a solo trip in January and it was overcast, cold, and wet. Can it be I am wishing for fall already?

I found a few things I'd like to know more about. This trip I noticed several names listed on one headstone (is the headstone just symbolic? could they really all fit? did they bury the ashes?) and I would like a bit of background or history on adding photography to headstones, including the "photo headstone locket" above. That was so neat and my first time seeing it.


Dawn comes too early
Sleep fades so quick
Peace slips by softly
The clock starts to tick



Stumbling through your winding streets
Wild, new, and old
Walking, living in my dreams
The path is mine to hold