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Washington's Olympic Peninsula


Joe and I had a great weekend in September spent on the Olympic Peninsula. We stayed in Sequim (pronounced Skwim) and visited the Hoh Rain Forest, Hurricane Ridge (no pictures because it was completely foggy), and the Olympic Game Farm. We completely missed on lunch and dinner on Saturday, but Sunday brunch at The Oak Table Cafe was totally amazing. Next time we want to make it out to the coast and plan on a longer hike in the Hoh Rain Forest (and plan on bringing sandwiches).

Honeymoon Part 4 - Miscellaneous


The last few pictures from the old baths in San Francisco, the area around the Golden Gate Bridge, an awesome collection of sea life, Apple's headquarters, and Monterey Bay.

Honeymoon Part 3 / Alcatraz Part 2

Something I did not know before researching for this trip is that Alcatraz is actually a bird sanctuary. Lots of poop and lots of birds.

Honeymoon Part 2 / Alcatraz Part 1

Alcatraz was, by far, my most favorite part of San Francisco. There's just something about an abandoned and overrun part of mankind that gets me dreaming.


Part two tomorrow! :-)